Webinar Series

Welcome to our very popular and informative new free webinar education series!


2 Steps are Required to join the Webinar:

  1. Call the telephone Conference number: 1-877-385-4099 Toll Free (Canada & USA), Participant Access code: 3244723 #
  2. Click on the website conference link: https://join.me/urbanpoling

If you are having difficulty connecting to the webinar, please call Urban Poling’s toll free number  1-877-499-7999 ext 1 for assistance.


NEW –  Post Hip & Knee Surgery

Find out why rehab professionals and hospitals recommend ACTIVATOR™ Poles for post hip & knee surgery.

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NEW –  Active living with Parkinson’s!

Find out how rehab professionals are using the ACTIVATOR™ Poles for Parkinson’s for improving gait patterns, balance, posture, factors related to fall prevention and improving mood.  

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Activator Fall Prevention Webinar

This 45 minute webinar covers the benefits of walking poles including key factors relating to falls, features of ACTIVATOR poles, techniques and exercises in sitting and standing.

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Urban Poling Webinar for Retailers

Learn more about Urban Poling and why Urban Poles are the top pick for fitness enthusiasts and why ACTIVATOR poles are recommended by healthcare professionals in the management/prevention & rehabilitation of numerous conditions.

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Retirement Home Programs Webinar

Activate your residences with Urban Poling for pole walking programs as well as sitting and standing exercises.

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Introduction to Urban Poling for Health Care Clinics

Join us for a free 45 minute webinar about the clinical uses of the ACTIVATOR poles.  We will briefly cover the research, areas of clinical use: orthopedic, neurology, cancer & older adults, ACTIVATOR Technique and Urban Poling Technique (aka Nordic walking).

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Breast Cancer Rehab

Walking with poles can help reduce fatigue during and after cancer treatment and has proven beneficial to those in breast cancer rehab. To read more about the research that supports the benefits of Nordic walking for cancer patients, visit the Your Health section of our website.

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