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Motivate your clients while significantly improving treatment outcomes for balance, core strength, posture, endurance; reducing impact on lower extremities and joints; and promoting functional gait patterns.

They have been instrumental in promoting an upright posture and a functional walking pattern compared to canes and walkers. In my opinion they facilitate rehabilitation and return patients to optimal function faster.
Dr. Charles G. Fisher MD MHSc FRCSC, Past President of the Canadian Spine Society

Learn how this dynamic evidence based patent pending tool is revolutionizing rehabilitation and is being used extensively in all aspects of health care. Understand the many benefits of ACTIVATOR compared to passive mobility devices such as canes, crutches and even walkers.


  • Research Review of studies on PubMed
  • ACTIVATOR poles & technique
  • Seated, standing & pre-gait exercises
  • Using the poles with orthopedic, neurology, stroke and spinal conditions & older adults
  • Videos of using the ACTIVATOR poles with different chronic conditions & innovative exercises with excerpts from leading physiotherapists.

Course length:  approximately 2.5 hours

ACTIVATORS™  Poles buy one get one free with online course!

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Winter Poling

When walking on snow covered surfaces, remove the rubber tips to expose the carbide tip which will provide better traction.  Add snow baskets to prevent the poles from sinking deep into the snow.
– Mandy Shintani, OT


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