LOVE Contest Winners

April 12, 2018 | By Urban Poling

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LOVE; A 4 letter word with a lot of meaning! Boy did all of our entries for our LOVE Contest highlight that!

We had a ton of entries and believe us, it was hard to narrow it down to just 5. We want to thank everyone for participating in the contest and are so happy that you are loving your Urban Poles. We encourage you to check our website for more contests soon!
A big congratulations goes out to our 5 lucky winners for sharing what they LOVE about their Urban Poles! All winners- keep an eye out in your email as we will contact you regarding your prize!
Here are some snippets from our winning entries!


“The poles have given me a new lease on life” Elaine T

“I love the poles and the benefit they have brought to my posture”Ann L

“I always tell people I never leave home without them” Catherine V 

“We frequently walk the beautiful paths in Winnipeg.. It started us on our my new fitness journey”Ron & Dolores D

“I was thrilled that while recovering I could still get out and be active…even after [I healed] I still prefer to walk with them everyday… In fact I find walking without them a bit dull”- Curtis K

Happy Poling,
-The Urban Poling Team




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Urban Poling

Co-directors Mandy Shintani and Diana Oliver are women at different stages of life with very different professional backgrounds, yet they share a dream – to help others realize the many benefits Urban Poling has given to them.
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