Congrats John ! Turning 5km to 50k for Yonge Street Mission

March 13, 2018 | By Urban Poling

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John Fenton has done it again! He keeps proving that anything he sets his mind to, he can achieve! Four years ago, he was struggling to walk due to his stenosis, but with his persistence and the help of Urban Poles, that all changed. This year at the age of 85, John Fenton participated in his fourth Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY) walk fundraiser! Before the event, he set out the large fundraising goal of 50k, because this year would be the last one he walked in. Not only did he reach his goal of 50k, he even surpassed it raising an outstanding grand total of 55,005 dollars! Along with that, it was mentioned at the event that he had been the top donator for the past four years! The combination of being the top donator and walking at 85 years of age despite his struggles, made him the hero of the day. Prior to the walk, the opening ceremonies were dedicated to John’s persistence and he was even featured in an interview as well.
John completed the 5km walk! Everyone at the end broke out into cheers and applauded to congratulate him! Although, for John all of the interviews were quite overwhelming. He never did any of this for the recognition. John walked in these events to overcome his walking struggles and to raise money for a charity he has supported throughout his life, the Yonge Street Mission, who host the CNOY walks in Toronto. We at Urban Poling would like to congratulate John for everything he accomplished this year. Walking 5k at 85 and raising 55k dollars for the hungry, homeless and hurting; those are truly amazing achievements!

To watch John’s Interview with CP24 click HERE



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