Active Living with Parkinson’s Webinar

Harry McMurtryHarry McMurtry who has Parkinson’s, completed the highly acclaimed event 500 Miles for Parkinson’s from New York to Toronto by walking 15 miles per day.  Early in his journey, Harry started using the ACTIVATOR poles which he called a Game Changer.  Quote from the therapist on his support team,

Within minutes and with guidance, Harry integrated the use of the Activator poles into his gait. His cadence was steady and coordinated. He was mobile, aligned and stable. His risk of falls was diminished as his base of support has increased. His postural asymmetry was decreased allowing him an increased visual field. I could go on. Harry was able to adapt readily and the positive outcomes were immediate.”
Jasmin Joan Cameron, MSc(RHBS), BSc(OT)

Find out why therapists and neurologists are recommending ACTIVATOR Poles for Parkinson’s for improving gait pattern, balance, posture, mood and factors related to fall prevention.  The ACTIVATOR poles and technique were designed by a therapist for improving safety and stability and are being prescribed as an alternative to canes and postponing or reducing the use of walkers (under the assessment of a therapist).

-Research Review (4 recent studies on Nordic walking & Parkinson’s)
-Activator Technique developed for stability and normalizing gait pattern
-Find out why Parkinson’s Clients are highly motivated to use walking poles instead of other devices
-Seated, Standing & Gait Training Exercises
-Tips for Group Exercise Programs

Guest Speaker: Lisa Robert, PT

Host:  Mandy Shintani, OT, MA (Gero)

For: Therapists, PTA, OTA, Kins & Staff working directly with Parkinson’s Disease

Recorded Webinar with Lisa Roberts Recorded Webinar with Dr. Becky Farley, PWR Webinar Service Information


Breast Cancer Rehab

Walking with poles can help reduce fatigue during and after cancer treatment and has proven beneficial to those in breast cancer rehab. To read more about the research that supports the benefits of Nordic walking for cancer patients, visit the Your Health section of our website.

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