Archived Webinars

Step UP with Urban Poling
Presented by Lisa Workman

Guest Speaker: Peter Vavougios, physiotherapist

Arthritis (French)
Presenter: Peter Vavougios, physiotherapist

Guest Speakers:  Judy Boivin, Physiotherapist, Clinical Lead for Cancer Rehab (LifeMark)

Cancer Survivors and Caregivers
Guest Speaker: Sarah Weller, BAppSci (HMS), CSEP-CEP (Back on Track Fitness)

Cardiac Health
Guest Speaker:  John Sawdon, Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada

Guest Speaker: Claudia Mariano MSc, NP-PHC, CDE

Hip & Knee pre/post Surgery
Guest Speaker: Dr. Daniel Bechard (PhD) on new study ‘Effects of Walking Pole Technique on Knee Joint Loading’ (UWO unpublished)

How Activator Poles Improve Gait-Speed, Stride & Balance
Guest Speaker: Patrick Roscher, Chief Technical Support Engineer, ProtoKinetics Zeno Walkway Gait Analysis System

MSI & Sports Injuries
Guest Speaker: Darcy Bolton, PT

Guest Speaker: Keegan Bow, Neurological Therapist, Klint Intensive Neuro Therapies 

Guest speaker Dr. Becky Farley, PWR

Guest speaker Jasmin Joan Cameron, MSc(RHBS), BSc(OT)

Primary Health Care
Guest Speakers:  Sue Colbourne, OT & Nurse Practitioner Sarah Kis-Toth from Vancouver Island Health Authority

Speak UP with Sarah Lord
Presented by Dr. Sarah J. Lord, Ph.D. – her personal grief recovery journey

Spinal Stenosis – Post Surgery
Guest Speaker: Hilary Jebson, physiotherapist

Stroke Clients
Presenter: Mandy Shintani, BSc (OT), MA (Gero)

Presenter: Mandy Shintani, BSc (OT), MA (Gero)
Excerpts from experienced physiotherapists in neurology

Traumatic Spinal Injuries
Guest Speaker: Kristina Ploude, physiotherapist & Mike Stewart who sustained an L2 dislocation

Second Nature

The most important aspect of Nordic walking is to just enjoy yourself.  After a while, the technique will become second nature and you will feel confident, efficient, and ready to take on the world!
– Mandy Shintani, OT

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